Futures Past

On a rare spring cleaning day, I came across a slambook from school days. They used to be fun to fill up, but I didn’t know they would be fun to read decades later! Specially the question “What is your ambition?”. It got me thinking on how many of us actually end up in the career we dreamt of as a child?

In case you’re wondering, the answer to the above question (at least in the case of my batchmates) is about 15%! Some very pertinent points:

  • 90% of us mentioned doctors or engineers as our choice. Not a surprise, considering we Indians are obsessed with getting our 2 year old child to say he/she wants to become a doctor in future.
  • The two batchmates who are actually doctors now, did not dream of becoming one!
  • None of us wanted to venture into the creative field. No painters, writers, designers. It can be argued that its hard to make money in these fields, but the most successful (and famous) amongst my batchmates is a fashion designer (she originally wished to be a doctor!).
  • One very smart friend wrote “Anything that makes me rich and famous”. I wonder if she was the smartest of us all. She is currently a renowned print journalist.

As for me, I wished to become a computer engineer, but I gave up science in college and switched to B.Com, inspite of having cleared the state engineering entrance exams! Why, you ask? Good question, and one to which I have no definite answer! I struggled so much with calculus, projectiles, and trigonometry in class twelve, that somewhere deep within me I knew I could not take four more years of them, in much much greater detail! So what did I end up becoming? A freelance financial writer, something that I didn’t know one could become!

So, more often than not, life does not go according to plan. The smart ones are those who quickly find Plan B, C, D instead of sulking. Be open to changes, open to listening to your voice instead of that of your peers or elders. Like Confucius said,
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

In response to a Daily prompt, “Futures Past”


3 thoughts on “Futures Past

  1. I think that happens to everyone. I was in my junior year of elementary education and it but wasn’t for me so I changed my major to nursing and it has made all the difference.

    • Glad that you found your calling! Listening to our inner voice and desires, is often the most difficult part. But, once that is done, everything else falls into place. Like Coelho wrote in “The Alchemist”,
      When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

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