Freudian Flips

Daily Prompt

Its a beautiful place, with mountains, greenery and a cool breeze. I’m in our red Honda car with my husband, who does not look at all like my actual husband (MG)! He has a huge white beard, white eyebrows, and is wearing a white cap. We drive up till a security checkpoint, of sorts. A man peers inside, looks at us with a piercing gaze. My heart is ready to jump out of my body, when he finally gives us the all clear. I rejoice, a bit too soon. We are stopped by another guard who calls out to the earlier one and informs him that he made a mistake in clearing us. I realize these people are from a rival mafia group. MG realizes this too, and presses on the accelerator.. swerving the car away from the guard and zooming ahead. We drive 1-2 km, when i tell him ‘Oh honey, just change the car’s color. We’ll be fine. They are looking for a red car.. change it to white.” He presses a button and the car is now white, and we are safe.

I woke up, with a pounding heart, but was relieved to find out that MG didn’t have a white beard! Phew. Thank God, it was just a dream. I related the dream to MG, and his comment was – How did you see the color of the car while sitting inside it??! Ummm.. The same way I saw you with blue eyes instead of brown, a white beard, white eyebrows and a white cap (He was wearing a white shirt and white pant too, if you people are interested in knowing!!).

The one interpretation from this dream is that lately, I am obsessed with the color white. MG gifted me a white phone, and I freaked out trying to explain to him how difficult it will be for me to keep it white! I polish it everyday, wipe my hands before touching it.. the works! So, “white” seems to be my latest worry!!

As to the part concerning us belonging to a mafia gang, and running away from the rivals – I have no explanation for this. Maybe its my favorite emotion, Fear, playing up again! Or maybe it’s an indication that I need more adventure in my life!