An ounce of home

I have always dreamed of going on a world tour. If only I could overcome my irrational fears (How will the husband manage? Can we afford it? Will I be safe Alone? Blah Blah Blah). Today’s daily prompt (An ounce of home), allows me to fantasize about it though! I have a habit of travelling light. So light that at times I find I don’t have enough clothes or have packed only running shoes with no thought to what I would wear with the dresses (And am not making this up!).

But I would still travel light. That’s a part of the adventure 🙂 But what is the one thing I would take with me to remind me of home? Two things actually.IMG_20140619_193405


My kindle – gifted by my sister, and my spectacles- gifted by the husband (Yeah, I too was surprised at his choice of frames!). These are the two things without which I can’t travel, as I would be blind and bored! Necessity combined with the added memories of the people who gifted them – perfect for travelling light 🙂


11 thoughts on “An ounce of home

  1. Somehow the combination of blind and bored sounds so terrible LOL 🙂 I love my iPad and my kindle paperwhite (which allows me to read undistracted by all the different apps!) and you just reminded me that I need new spectacles!

    • Absolutely! Its so easy to switch over to playing quiz up or angry birds on the iPad. It’s as though the kindle was made for people who are easily distracted, like me 🙂

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  4. Wow nice one…I too have two possessions without which i am completely blind and will go mad. The one is my tablet and the other is my books…I am very fond of story books and will surely go mad without them….liked your post…

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